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Barcelona Weekend during the Holiday Vacations

April 17th, 2014 by admin

Hello friends, what are your plans of spending the Christmas vacation?

Are you planning to spend it at your own city or will you be flying away to some other cities to spend it?

f you take my suggestion, then a Barcelona weekend can be a great tour to undergo during the Christmas vacation. The city of Barcelona is said to be the second largest city in the whole of Spain, lying only next to Madrid. It is the capital city of Catalonia, an autonomous community of Spain.

Barcelona is one of the most populous cities and according to a recent survey; approximately five million people live in this city. The world famous football club, FC Barcelona, represents this city and their home ground Camp Nou is also situated in here, which is a major tourist attraction.

During your Barcelona weekend, you will find many attractive tourist spots to visit in this place. Let us have a focus on some of the top tourist spots that one prefers to see while staying at Barcelona.

Picasso Museum- One of the finest and biggest museum found in the city. You need to allow some quality hours of yours to spend on visiting this museum completely. Almost 3,800 works are there in display that you can see while you enter the museum.

Park Guell- It has been awarded as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. It is mainly a beautiful garden that has all the elements of a park and also you will mind architectural monuments and buildings inside it.

Barri Gotic- This is the old city of Barcelona and here you will find the cathedral, which is a wonderful resemblance of old heritage. In addition, you will mind several old tall building surrounding the area.

Sagrada Familia- It is one of the most famous catholic churches situated in the city. The building in itself is a work of art and you will be amazed to see the tall towers attached to the building. You may also climb the tower top to have exhilarating view of the city.

Casa Mila- Another resemblance of architectural brilliance, this building was built during the early 20th century and is a part of the world heritage sites by UNESCO.

Casa Batllo- It is also a magnificent building structure built during the early 20th century.

Torre de Collserola- It is the tallest tower present in the city of Barcelona and offers panoramic view of the city from its top floor.

Barcelona Aquarium- This place will surely be enjoyed by the kids as they will get to see the uncommon water bodies and get to know about their lives.

Montjuic Magic Fountain-This is not only a fountain to watch for. The light, music along with the fountain water uprising style is surely a visual treat to your eyes.

There are a lot more places to see but the above mentioned places catches the most tourist’s attraction. So, you must visit all the above mentioned places while spending your Barcelona weekend.

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Sand Etching Custom Awards and Glass Trophies

April 16th, 2014 by admin

Sand etching is an engraving procedure whereby information (names, dates, occasion, etc.) is placed onto custom awards or glass trophies. Sand etching is usually done using sand with a grit fineness of between 180 and 220. (As numbers increase, so does the fineness of the grit). When sand etching is used on them, their appearance is perceived as being of a higher value than if ordinary laser engraving techniques were used. Thus, custom awards or glass trophies are a lasting way to show one’s appreciation toward someone’s specific accomplishment.

Sand etching allows for deeper engraving, which makes the engraving information last longer. In addition, custom awards or glass trophies that are engraved using sand etching are easier to fill with paint, if this is needed or desired. Sand etching also provides more contrast between the engraving surface and the information that has been placed on it.

Sand etching leaves no tool marks. This is something that can rarely be avoided in laser engraving. The result is a more professional, high-quality appearance.

Custom awards and glass trophies that have been engraved using the sand etching method may be perceived as having more dimension than those that have been done using laser engraving. The look can actually take on the appearance of a “three-D” effect.

Sand etching works on many surfaces, but is especially effective on glass. The information is clearer and easier to read, providing a more specialized look to custom awards and glass trophies. The recipient may consider the award that much more valuable or meaningful simply because the one giving it cared enough to use sand etching instead of laser engraving.

Laser engraving does afford the buyer of custom awards and glass trophies more of a selection in the materials used in making the awards and trophies. However, sand etching can also be used on a variety of materials also, with comparable or even better results. Even though a very few certain materials may have to be eliminated, the fact that the beauty and detail of the engraving work will be greatly enhanced will more than make up for that.

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FineAwards.com is the US Top Designer/Manufacturer for Recognition Awards, custom awards, glass awards and trophies. Call today (800) 343-3166 to purchase Trophies and awards according to your wish at affordable rates.

Environmentalists Endorse Travel Mugs

April 16th, 2014 by admin

While the US is in the process of embracing reusable items to reduce their collective environmental impact, Canadian environmentalist have come saying they need to do the same. Canada is traditionally more receptive to practices of recycling and reducing environmental impact, but has highlighted a serious problem in their country when it comes to disposable coffee cups. Canadian environmentalists released a report on the growing trend of disposable coffee cups crowding landfills. According to the report 1.6 Billion takeout coffee cups end up in landfills each year. The problem with disposable coffee cups in the US is even more dramatic and has less of a push for reform, disposable cups in general clog US landfills with a projected 23 billion cups in 2010.

The reason disposable cups are not recyclable like many other paper products are because of the waxy liners that makes the cups leak resistant and provides more insulation. Recyclable cups are becoming more prevalent but the best possible answer to disposable coffee cup woes are travel mugs. Travel mugs are reusable portable coffee containers that provide greater insulation than disposable coffee cups and can save money and the environment which is invaluable. Canadian environmentalists are doing everything it can to raise awareness from video competitions to supporting companies that create incentives for green coffee containers like travel mugs.

While companies are stepping forward to offer assistance in the reduction of these products, consumers have been targeted by environmentalists as being the main problem. A common response from consumers on why they do not use travel mugs as often is that they often forget to bring them. Canadian environmentalists have stated they believe the problem of overusing disposable cups can go away with the introduction of new habits which include bringing travel mugs to work on a daily basis.

While disposable cups remain a huge problem in general when it comes to waste piling up in landfills, disposable coffee cups are particularly menacing to the environment. Paper coffee cups that are designed for travel purposes often come with non-recyclable plastic lids. These plastic lids mixed with waxy liners in the paper cups make the entire product non-recyclable. A less common option is Styrofoam which is substantially worse since they are made out of an extremely hazardous material for the environment. Recyclable paper cups is a good solution for these problems, but reusable travel mugs are the best possible solution for the safety of the environment.

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DiscountMugs.com is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of products from coffee mugs and Travel Mugs to totes and promotional products.

What is the Definition of a "GREEN BUILDING" and Why Build Green Today?

April 15th, 2014 by admin

Unfortunately “green” is a very hard term to define or to standardize. Companies call themselves “green” when they offer a partially recycled product all the way to completing a US Green Building Council “Certified” building. As you can tell there is a very broad canvas upon which to paint oneself “green”.

But if you really want to investigate green commercial building architecture for your company, here are a couple tips:

1. Ask or look for energy efficiencies: type of fuel used for fleet or ask from where the basic product material originates. What type of efficiencies are introduced in the manufacturing of the product?
2. Query regarding the percentage of recycled material in the “green” product offering – also ask the origination point of the basic materials for the product?
3. Query as to the corporate recycling, carbon reducing, energy efficiencies that are SOP ?
If you are looking to provide a “green” building environment – the opportunities are bountiful….lighting as an energy efficiency – done correctly – may reduce operating costs from 20% to 50% and you may qualify for federal energy deductions.

You may install energy efficient HVAC and water heaters and also qualify for federal energy deductions.

Improving the indoor environment by introducing low volatile organic compounds – both in furniture and cleaning supplies will improve the “health” of the building and the health of your employees.

Encouraging car pooling or providing discounts for public transit to your employees will also help the environment and assist in commuting costs.

Basic recycling can be a huge savings and absolutely place your organization in the “green” zone. Do not print a page if it may be forwarded electronically. Recycle all paper. Move to glass coffee cups rather than paper – if paper must be used secure a recycled paper cup vendor. Recycle and have refilled all printer cartridges. Ask your waste hauler if there are special recycling opportunities and implement full container recycling.

Each step helps your work environment and absolutely helps our planet.

So, Why Build Green?
Some of the biggest questions for builders, remodelers, and home owners today are “Should I build green?”, “Why should I build green?” and “What does it mean to build green?”

In the United States, buildings account for:
39% of total energy use
12% of the total water consumption
68% of total electricity consumption
38% of the carbon dioxide emissions

Our building environment has a vast impact on the natural environment, human health, and the economy. By adopting green building strategies, we can maximize both economic and environmental performance. Green construction methods can be integrated into buildings at any stage, from design and construction, to renovation and deconstruction. However, the most significant benefits can be obtained if the design and construction team takes an integrated approach from the earliest stages of a building project. Potential benefits of green building can include:
Environmental benefits:

 Enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems
 Improve air and water quality
 Reduce waste streams
 Conserve and restore natural resources
Economic benefits:
 Reduce operating and maintenance costs
 Create, expand, and shape markets for green product and services
 Improve occupant productivity
 Optimize life-cycle economic performance
Social benefits:
 Enhance occupant comfort and health
 Heighten aesthetic qualities
 Minimize strain on local infrastructure
 Improve overall quality of life

Greening also means there are opportunities for incentives: tax credits, deductions and rebates. When considering building improvements not all “improvements” are equal. Property owners need to explore what local, state and federal incentives may be available when deciding capital improvements. Solar, wind, geothermal all are credits from the federal government and may also qualify for state or local credits. Lighting, HVAC and “building envelope” may qualify for federal deductions – and possibly state and local incentives and/or credits. Lighting, HVAC and “building envelope” may qualify for federal deductions – and possibly state and local incentives. The notion of and presence of incentives are vital in today’s economy and ROI is improved dramatically when all factors are considered.

In some cases – we have provided solutions whereby the taxpayer/owner of a property actually makes money after capital expenditures. Be sure all avenues and opportunities are considered prior to making improvement expenditures. To learn more about green commercial building architecture, please visit CapitalReviewGroup.com Capital Review Group

Source of some of the information in this post: http://www.epa.gov/greenbuilding/

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Capital Review Group

5 Tips for Managing Volunteers

April 14th, 2014 by admin

Project managers in non-profit organizations, as well as those working on charitable endeavors and personal projects, often coordinate folks who are donating their time. But wrangling volunteers isn’t the same as managing employees–how do you tweak your project management strategies to achieve success with volunteers?

Make communication a priority. Be sure that everyone on the team knows how to contact you and other members. Volunteers are more likely to bump your project down on the priority list when things get busy, so it’s critical to provide them with a quick way to communicate any change in their availability.

Maintain comprehensive task lists and schedules. Depending on the project or organization, turnover among volunteers may be higher than is typical with employees. Shifting responsibilities between members will probably need to happen more often, and detailed project plans will help keep the project moving forward without interruption.

Reassess your personnel needs. With all the other things your volunteers are juggling, it’s prudent to assign more people to a task than usual. This conflicts with the typical corporate scenario, where staffing is lean and team members are expected to carefully manage their time and workloads. Think tomorrow’s envelope-stuffing event needs two people? Bump the team to three and you’ll be in a better position to absorb any last-minute problems or absences.

Consider the expertise available. Remember that volunteers are usually proficient at the tasks they’ve offered to do, but it’s likely that they aren’t experts. Be flexible in setting goals and measuring results, and look for signs that a task requires someone with true expertise.

Reward freely. Volunteers don’t receive traditional compensation for their hard work, so hand out as many perks as you can and express your appreciation for their efforts often. Folks who help out regularly should get special recognition.

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The Heart and Soul of an Organisation

April 14th, 2014 by admin

One of the most intelligent managers that both Shaun and I have worked with shared some great wisdom with us on why values are important to people, and how strong values in a company can unify people to a common cause. Now this manager was from Germany, and had done his posting in the German army as soon as he became an adult. One day over lunch, we were discussing why 16 year old kids who worked at McDonalds loved working there, would hang out together outside of work, and even how couples were formed.

This intelligent manager was a deep thinker. He paused for a moment, looked past both Shaun and myself, and then started to explain in his deep Bavarian accent. “When I was in the German army, we had a bond that could not be explained. But over time, we understood that our common purpose was to serve our country, and that service is what united us”. He then added “We were disciplined, and that discipline gave us something that was probably missing in our formative years. At McDonalds you have kids who may have come from broken homes, where they don’t see their parents much because they are working so hard. So the same disciplines and values are probably missing from their lives, more than when we were kids”.

“These kids came from an unstructured world into a place that gives them structure, not only through systems, but mainly through values. The values of quality, cleanliness, and service are preached and practiced at McDonalds everyday”. He concluded, “Values is what unites communities, and the community of the workplace”.

Your Values Statement

Our values come from our beliefs. The values are central in our lives, and give us guidance on how we approach various situations. The values that you set are to be used by everyone in the business, as a guiding light on how to approach various situations. How do you treat fellow employees? How do you carry out ethical transactions with your clients?

Your Activation exercise

  1. What are your values?
  2. What are your team’s values?
  3. What are your customer’s values?
  4. Circle all of the common words.

Use these words to write your company values.

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Tony Gattari of Achievers Group is a business keynote speaker and guest speaker. His passionate enthusiastic style makes him ideal as your next sales speaker, marketing speaker or keynote speaker. Tony Gattari has worked with over 120 businesses. See http://www.achieversgroup.com.au for more info.

A Brief Overview on a Music Producer Job Description

April 13th, 2014 by admin

About Music Producer’s Job

Primary job of music producer is listening to band materials and then pick the best out of it. In search of the best; the producer would normally have a look at both commercial as well as the album songs. A few rehearsals with them can dig out the best musical ideas. Next part of the job is arranging things to put in line and converting the selected ones into records.

Tracks are Instruments

Job of the music producer is cut out in listening to and selecting the right track. For them each track is an instrument. Separate tracks are often used for vocal, guitar, drums, and others. After selecting the best in each, the next step obviously is their judicious mixing. Stereo mix is created by volume adjustment of each track individually and mixing them.

Academic Background

It is not absolutely necessary for a music producer to have formal music training though it can help build ideas more quickly. Numerous universities have been imparting training in music and some of them are even providing online degrees though they are more an exception than regularities. Some formal lessons in the classes could help build up the musical background as well as the intensities of understanding in the person concerned. At the same time having degrees and certifications would enhance the chances of getting better salaries considerably.

Recording Bands

For many renowned music producers, recording bands have been the first step towards becoming a seasoned musician in future. In course of such band recording the intending producer can use any instrument they like depending on the environment and people around.

Music Fans Are More Suitable

When it comes to the music producer job description, an important aspect is love for music in the intending producer. Such people would be able to listen to all types of music including rock, pop, and hip-hop. Listening to the music and songs that did not make it at the box office could be very good way of finding out the reasons for their failure.

It will help one build up effective strategies for success as music producer.

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Michael Russell writes for the qualitative and informative website that provides all relevant information on the music producer job description as well as how to build up a career of music producer with either traditional classroom based or online education.

Bank of England’s Mervyn King criticized UK Prime Minister

April 13th, 2014 by admin

LONDON – Bank of England Governor Mervyn King accused British Prime Minister David Cameron and finance minister George Osborne of a “lack of depth,” the Guardian newspaper stated on its website on Sunday.

The Guardian is one of a number of publications globally to have had early access to some 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables obtained by whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

The newspaper also said the cables contained criticism of British military operations in Afghanistan and U.S. shock at what the newspaper called the “rude behavior” of royal family member Prince Andrew when overseas.

Governor King’s comments were reportedly made to the U.S. ambassador, but the timing and further details were not immediately available. However, the most recent of the leaked cables were said to be from February, when Cameron and Osborne were still in opposition.

Cameron took office in May. Ironically, Bank of England policymaker Adam Posen criticized King last week, saying he had strayed into politics by endorsing the Conservative-led coalition’s austerity plan shortly after the May election.

U.S. ambassador Louis Susman, who had briefed Cameron on the leaks last week, condemned their publication.

“However, I am confident that our uniquely productive relationship with the United Kingdom will remain close and strong, focused on promoting our shared goals and values,” he explained in a statement.

The Guardian, which will release additional details of the cables over coming days, said U.S. commanders, Afghan president Hamid Karzai and local authorities in Helmand had criticized the British military for failure to impose protection around the town of Sangin in southern Afghanistan.

Britain has more than 9,500 troops in Afghanistan, the second biggest contingent after the United States. Britain has lost 345 troopers in the conflict — around a third of them from the Sangin region.

British troops handed responsibility for the area over to U.S. troops earlier this year.

Prince Andrew, the royal whose behavior is in the spotlight, is the second son of Queen Elizabeth. Aged 50, he served as a helicopter pilot with the Royal Navy throughout the the 80′s Falklands Battle.

Stock Market

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Focusing on the Objective of Change Management

April 13th, 2014 by admin

The dictionary identifies a system as an “orderly set or process of related things”. As used to business management, a useful management control system is a continuous management tool that connects facts together in an arranged fashion, so a manager could make appropriate decisions.

A manager should control a lot of variables everyday, including:

  • High level company objectives such as customer service levels and productivity
  • The connection of a department to another
  • The appropriate resolution of client concerns
  • Addressing differences to expected performance goals

Companies usually take on process improvement plans to achieve these objectives. When entrusting resources to business process development plans, it is very important to concentrate on the whole organization on the following objectives and goals:

  1. Reduce the time it takes to change

    Huge projects that go over a long period of time are usually a discouraging process. The Manager must be certain to comprise milestones that could be effectively measured to guarantee progress towards the objective and serve as a cause for an accomplishment. In addition, change is expensive and most of the expenses are time dependent. Therefore a rapid change process is often better for the organization.

  2. Maximize the investment in change

    The objective of Change Management is to develop operational performance at the least possible cost, and not only to apply change for the sake of change. Useful Change Agents apply plans with least disruption to everyday operations and be familiar with when the cost of change goes over the potential benefits.

  3. Exploit the outcomes of change efforts

    Develop as much as possible from the alteration experience. Set stretch objectives and insist that managers exceed them. Force your organization to the maximum performance level and the most advantageous competitive place. Always take note, the competition is striving to enhance performance as well.

  4. Some constants in Change Management:
    • All organizations change; by default or design
    • Change could be controlled and planned; for you or by you
    • How you react to change is as vital as what you change
    • Resistance to change is predictable, normal and can be controlled

When applying business process development initiatives, it is often important to take note of the ultimate objectives of planning and organizing work assignments so they could be successfully done w/in internal cost constraints and customer expectations. Relating these objectives to the results expected from a plan will guarantee success.

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WhatIsChangeManagement has been dedicated to new business holders. And http://www.whatischangemanagement.com/ provides information about WhatIsChangeManagement.

Dating Expert Stephany Alexander Lists Top Dating Rules

April 12th, 2014 by admin

As a dating expert who has given dating advice to thousands of people since early 2000, there are 20 basic Do’s and Don’t Rules in the world of dating to help you increase your chances of succeeding in dating. Dating can be fun and exciting but getting involved with the wrong person can destroy your life.

How do you put the odds in your favor when dating? I have broken down the top 20 Rules of Dating to help you find that special person.

1. Do relax and have fun. Dating is supposed to be fun so make it fun. Choose activities that you both love so you can relax, laugh and enjoy. If you think dating is miserable, then don’t do it.

2. Do groom yourself before your date. Make sure you are freshly showered, have fresh breath and have an outfit on that flatters you. Save your crazy or overly sexy outfits for when you get to know the person better.

3. Do Listen. Listening is more important than talking. Ask your date lots of questions and hone in on similar interests. Don’t brag about yourself constantly because that is the ultimate turn-off.

4. Compliment your date. If you think your date looks nice, say so. Don’t focus on your date’s imperfections; focus on their good points. If it looks like your date took time to get ready, compliment them by letting them know.

5. Be positive. Don’t complain on your date. Nobody wants to hear how miserable you are. A poor attitude can destroy a date faster than anything.

6. Be honest and upfront. If the date didn’t click, tell your partner that you will have to think about it and that you will contact them again if you are interested.

7. Be proactive. You need to take the initiative to meet people to date. Practice flirting, smile, be friendly and make eye contact. This will show people you are available and will increase your chances of being asked out.

8. Do date creatively. Don’t go to the movies where you can’t talk or get to know your date better. Go to dinner, bowling and then a movie or go horseback riding, hiking or to an arts or music festival.

9. Do let your friends and family know you are dating. You never know when someone you know may try playing matchmaker for you. It may or may not work out but you should be open to meeting someone new.

10. Do be polite and have manners. Offer to pay for all or half of the date even if you are a woman. Say “please” and “thank you” and be respectful of the other person’s feelings.

1. Don’t be late for a date. Make sure you leave early enough to deal with traffic delays or other things that could delay you. Being late shows that you don’t respect the other person’s time and sets the date off on the wrong foot.

2. Don’t chase someone. Don’t phone, text or email them more than once a day unless you are in a conversation with them and they are replying. Being desperate is a huge turn off.

3. Don’t date people who you think will use you. If you have money, don’t tell the other person. If a man comes on too strong for sex early on, shut him down and move on. You want someone who wants you for you, not what you can do for them or give them. Once they get what they want, they’ll move on to their next target.

4. Don’t lie to your date. Don’t over exaggerate your income, education or what you do. These lies will eventually come out and then you will appear as a dishonest loser.

5. Don’t come on too strong. If you are anxious to get married right away, that’s okay. However, constantly talking about serious commitment issues such as marriage and children on a first date can scare your date away.

6. Don’t sit around and wait for his or her call. Stay busy. There is nothing more pathetic than someone who immediately drops their life or routine for someone they just met. Your goal is to have a fulfilled life that another person can add to. 7. Don’t get drunk or use drugs on your date. What kind of an impression are you making if you are incoherent when you first meet? Your date will think you are like that with all people.

8. Don’t flirt with others while on a date. This may seem like common sense but nothing will end your date faster than you hitting on your date’s friend.

9. Don’t have sex with someone until you have dated a while. A while does not mean one or two dates. If it was meant to be, it will be and part of the fun of dating is the thrill of the chase.

10. Don’t give out too much personal information on a first date. Keep your home address and telephone number confidential until you get to know your date better and make sure you always meet in a public place.

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