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Suggestions for trainee tree surgeons and private gardeners when trying to repair your tree

Friday, March 2nd, 2012 by

It can be very expensive when hiring a tree surgeon due to their unique trade and expertise being in demand. Along with this is a low supply of tree surgeons, who are heavily sought after, which does drive up the price.

There are lots of people who may decide upon repairing their own trees in order to look at making savings, however, where should they begin?

Don’t worry, we spoke to staff at treecontractorsdirectory.co.uk and their professionals have given us some great ideas:

Trees provide a natural habitat for many animals, so if the tree has not got birds or squirrels in it then that can prove that there is a problem. You can deduce this because if animals don’t want to live there then it doesn’t provide enough food or shelter, which could disturb the local ecosystem. Summer is a great time to pay attention to any changes as it is around then that animals aren’t in hibernation and could be seen the trees. So if they are not there then you know that there is something wrong.

Dried out bark and branches that are flaking can be attributed to numerous agents, some of them are insignificant but a few are quite important to be aware of. Low levels of rainfall and exposure to the harsh rays of the sun can lead to dry branches. If this occurs, keep watering the tree on separate occasions throughout the day until the bark becomes smooth. Alternatively, the dryness may be caused by a nutritional deficiency, which means that you will therefore need to check the soil PH levels and may need to add fertilizer. You should then monitor the tree’s condition for several weeks and see if you observe any changes for the better.

If you have fruit bearing trees such as plum trees or apple tree in your back garden then if the fruit doesn’t grow it can be a sign that something is wrong. This is because trees often flower on an annual basis and then bear fruit, so any changes could indicate an underlying issue. If the PH balance in the soil is out of kilter then this can cause problems or a lack of nutrients being absorbed by the roots. Alternatively it could be due to a lack of water, which could be solved easily by ensuring that you water it regularly. Whatever is to blame, this is an important factor to consider in the health of your fruit tree.

Sand-like or white soil may signify that the soil is too nutritionally poor for the tree to survive in. Changing the water, soil or fertilizer could be the next step. Another thing that you might consider is adding worms to the garden because they can aid the betterment of the soil quality. Still, in this situation it is suggested that you deal with a professional with more experience. Alternatively, a tree surgery expert from treecontractorsdirectory.co.uk may be able to advise you on the correct way to move forward.

If your tree starts to drop its leaves it becomes unable to make energy from the sun via photosynthesis as the chlorophyll in the leaves allows this to occur. Therefore this simple symptom will help to exacerbate the situation and will make your tree more disease prone as it stops it producing food to grow. This can dry out the branches on the tree and cause them to become brittle and break. Add this symptom to some of the other ones mentioned and it will be clear that you will need to figure out some form of treatment plan. If your tree is left without adequate treatment then it can potentially take longer to treat than if it is caught early.

Hopefully, by using these guidelines you will have the knowledge about if you can look after the tree or if you will require the experience of a higher calibre tree doctor.

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