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Significance of Letterhead Printing

June 30th, 2011 by

If you are running a business, it is extremely imperative to communicate with your clients properly. When it comes to communicating with your clients, you must use the proper mediums and channels of communication. Your company’s letterhead can influence your identity in the market amidst your customers and clients. Therefore, you need to hire the best letterhead printing company that will deliver their services in accordance with your requirements and demands. Letterhead printing is of very vital significance in creating a positive image of the company amidst your clients and customers. Mostly, the transactions and communications between your company and clients is via letterhead, so it affects the company’s reputation.

==> Letterhead exhibits the creativeness of the company. It is the best marketing tool for helping build a brand’s reputation. Once you present your creatively designed letterhead printing to your clients and customers, you will get a better response from them. Your creativity makes a positive impact on the clients.

==> Letterhead printing is the service through which you can get your letterhead created in a creative and unique manner so; you can differentiate your letterhead from other companies’ letterhead.

==> Letterhead printing increases the brand recall of the company name by clients and customers. Usually, the logo of the company printed on the letterhead is strategic and impressive so, it makes a positive and powerful positioning impression in the mind of the customers and clients. Whenever you send your letterhead to clients and customers, your brand reputation of the company will be increased. It is really the best way of brand positioning your product or service.

==> Letterhead printing is a highly reliable source to communicate with your clients. The main information your letterhead should contain is company name, logo, address, mobile number, email address and other necessary information. Thus, whenever your prospective customer receives your letterhead, they consider it genuine and important.

==> Make sure that you have chosen a reliable printing company for the creation of your custom letterhead. There are several letterhead printing agencies that can be found on the web. You need to do thorough research on the web and explore the best company, which will deliver your required services at affordable price or charges within an acceptable time frame.

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Choosing The Appropriate Spanish Removals Company

June 29th, 2011 by

Spain is a beautiful country with wonderful cultures and great cuisine. Aside from business needs, people relocate to Spain because of the cost of living, fiestas, food and drink, health care, natural beauty, outdoor activities, healthy environment and the abundant sunshine. Be careful when looking for a removals company. A good removals company with international experience will not only provide the service, but could offer you tips, hints, and help in making your transfer pleasant and memorable. You can relax and release your stress and tension knowing that they can handle the situation expertly and professionally. You should let the removals company take charge and allow their expertise and experience handle everything. Work an arrangement with them so they will inform you of what has to be done and their schedules so you don’t interfere and get in their way. Don’t think you won’t be doing anything because there will be a lot of things you have to do on your side. The removals company should give you advance notice on the papers and documents required for the relocation so you can compile the information and secure the proper documents. Some legal documents, like passport, birth certificate and driving license may need coordination with the government agencies. You may have to secure certifications from physicians and veterinarians. You need to make arrangements with the schools, utility companies, clubs, associations and financial institutions.

Spanish removals companies can provide different types of services, from simple loading and unloading to more comprehensive packages such as helping you load, pack and crate, and unload and unpack on the destination point. Instead of hiring other companies and people to pack and unpack, you might be able to negotiate a package deal which could turn out cheaper than getting other third party assistance. In addition, you are familiar with the officials in the current removals company and will not have to deal with other companies that you are not acquainted with.

There may be additional costs attached to such packages but it compensates for the stress, tension and effort you will save. When you have to contend with learning the laws, rules, and procedures of relocating to Spain, having a Spanish removals company working for you can be a huge relief. The Spanish removals company will know the area you are moving to, the routes, road conditions and the safest way to get to your destination. They have the experience and expertise to get to your location quickly and safely. They know the difficulties encountered by others and can give you tips and guidelines so you don’t repeat the mistakes of other people.

Moving abroad is a fantastic adventure and you should be able to look back at it with fond memories. You can achieve the transfer with ease and comfort if you have the right Spanish removals company working for you. Be sure your Spanish removals company is reliable, dependable, competent, and can be trusted. Ask for references and check with the customs offices on their recommendations. A good Spanish removals company is familiar with the laws at the origin and destination countries, will ensure your property is properly packed and loaded, and advise you on the required documents that should be filled up. They can provide you with estimates on duties and taxes. Choose your removals company well and you will be able to relocate with ease and comfort.

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What Are The Advantages Of Logistics Management Software?

June 28th, 2011 by

The larger a business gets, the more likely it is it will need a logistics department of some kind to manage that expansion. Many modern businesses rely on logistics to help them get the best out of their business and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

But no matter how efficient you are at managing your business you will probably benefit from having logistics management software on your side as well. This will make it possible to manage everything with the help of computers, as well as streamlining your entire business and making it run more efficiently.

Logistics can by its very nature be a highly complex area of business to focus on. A good way to think about logistics management is to compare it to the act of juggling, where you are trying to keep around twenty balls in the air at the same time. Needless to say if you tried doing all this yourself you would end up dropping one or more before too long, and the whole process would suffer as a result.

Now let’s imagine what that same situation would be like if you introduced logistics management software into your business. This would be very much like having an automatic juggling machine installed so you didn’t have to juggle all those balls yourself. The software knows exactly which balls to juggle and when, performing the task much more easily than you would be able to yourself. Do take out time to read and understand the logistics management guide provided with the software thoroughly in order to understand its flow in greater detail.

The key benefit from any software of this nature is the automation process. If you were considering ordering a brand new stock item, you would have to go through lots of figures manually before deciding whether or not to go ahead. Would it be profitable? How many would you need to order? Where could you store them? How would you transport them from A to B when required?

Software means that instead of doing all this manually you can automate the process. This means you get your answers much faster than you would otherwise. You can streamline your business much more easily if you have logistics management software to help you, and it will often mean you need fewer members of staff in that department as well.

Another point to consider is that you can buy a particular software suite that will suit your business. You might even be able to afford to invest in a specially designed one, although many businesses make do with a software program that has been designed for their kind of business area.

Whatever kind of software suite you opt for, you will notice the difference when it comes to the effect it has on your business. Streamlined, more profitable and better run – and that is just the beginning.

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In order to be highly successful in a business, Logistics management is extremely essential. Do check out the logistics management guide and use it to be provide the on time and perfect deliveries at most times.

Know More About Women Entrepreneurs

June 28th, 2011 by

Several women in business are looking for a leg up, so to speak. Trying to find a means to become one of the successful women entrepreneurs who have made it themselves as the ultimate goal. There must be a good technique to achieve the objective, though.

Planning ahead of the schedule is one of the very first thing which any woman who wants to be successful in the business has to also learn to do it. Organization is another key factor in the process of succeeding in any job. Though, there’s another thing to consider.

Taking benefit of the group referral networks which are available are a great way to increase prospective small business networking opportunities. Joining all these networks allows women to find other women, and men, who are possible contacts for their business, and who can deal precious guidance, financing or more.

Finding women in charge of businesses such as Fortune 500 companies is not that common. However, as women in small business begin to become more prominent in their networking, the possibilities can change in that area.

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t at all an easy task, no matter whether you are a man or a woman, so all the challenges ought to be equal. Women find that they are given more challenges though because of their gender. Often, finding financing or help with construction for a new building usually is an issue because of their gender; using their networking skills would help them get around this.

Using group referral networks to gain more contacts in the business world is the smartest move that any woman entrepreneur can make. Being cautious to sort through those contact names carefully to key in on the most useful ones is smart. Keeping the others as backups in one more file, whether it’s a Rolodex or something alike, is even smarter.

Specific women’s referral networks are great for networking and can deal leads for contacts for women entrepreneurs who might require a specific question answered. While you are joining these groups, you will be pleased to find out that the friendships that you develop in them would be of the greater help in the business later on.

Learning to be a successful businesswoman is not all about being aggressive in a “man’s world.” There’s a learning curve involved on lots of different things, but we all know that women are just as capable as men in regards to success in business. No matter what, learn to network, group referral style, and succeed!

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Employee Scheduling Software – includes effectiveness and efficiency benefits

June 27th, 2011 by

Like many complex tasks, the computer technology to facilitate your work. In smaller organizations, the supervisor can simply use a spreadsheet to plan schedules and tracking hours. This approach may be a few extra minutes to complete, but in the long term, the company may ultimately save money by avoiding overtime.

Large organizations must use specialized computer applications to succeed in complex human resources plan. Consider the airline industry is heavily regulated. Driver scheduling is difficult or impossible without the use of software for tracking hours of flight and set the travel industry in advanced logistics.

Consider the software, while useful, has limitations. For example, many systems are designed to coordinate schedules routine, but are not equipped to deal with extenuating circumstances or unique applications. Therefore, the supervisors not 100% responsible for the planning of a computer. Certainly benefit from information technology to your effectiveness and efficiency. But remember that you are responsible for the final result – a timetable that maximizes resources, achieve the goals of the organization, and does not reduce the morale.

Employee Scheduling

Balancing the needs of the organization with the personal preferences of each employee is a challenge for supervisors. In utilities where customers can appear without an appointment as a beauty salon or auto repair shop, may be difficult to assess the application. This has a direct impact on the ability of a supervisor to the right number of employees in the Annex to adopt. If you have a lot of people are expected, the company loses money. Consider for example a hairdresser or barber. If a supervisor scheme hairdressers too much for a change, there will be times when employees are sitting around with nothing to do.

But the allocation of customers can lead to frustration, increased stress in staff and loss of income. The goal for each supervisor is to achieve the right balance with the right level of regular employees. Ultimately, you want many people with the skills to meet the needs of the organization to comply.

Make a schedule of work is similar to a puzzle. All parts must fit together. With planning, employee must be available to the full range of customer needs to operate. This will create more balance and, ultimately, the organization and its customers more effectively.

About the Author

Jason Roskopf with myshiftmanager.com, a staff scheduling or an employee scheduling software that schedules the employee shifts and manage attendance & time sheet.

China manufacturer and their Electronics devices

June 26th, 2011 by

China manufacturer and their Electronics devices

The Chinese manufacturer is creating thunderbooom in lworld wide electronic marketplace. The produce height nonstop to climb and quick progress in China accelerates pace of city constructionmanufacture . According to informaion this year, China electronic equipments creation reach in millions. China is now the world mechanized heart.
All the electrical equipments are famed for low priced prices and stability as compared to the other manufacturer. The china manufacturer is capable, practiced plus expert in electronic devices and toolsuntensils. You can obtain variety of electronic machines as well as its accessories for instance china cellure phones, small speakers, networking, supercomputer appliances, handy video cameras, video games and trimmings, strings, car as well as its accessories, memory cards watch, ELT shirts, MP3 Player, in addition to lunars charges and so on. There is variation in their creation. You can discover all electronic appliance and its elements in cheaper prices. These are accessible in your near to stores or marketplace.

We are considerate in addition to conscious of the sky-scraping formula used in the creating by the china manufacturer. Everybody can also get joy from the reimbursement of certain advanced China electronics which are available in the bazars. These goods are not simply fine look wise but also have extreme technique that saves power. The china manufacturer creates those widgets which are theoretically sound and extremlely skilled. They are getting greater with upcoming days for the reason that they be acquainted by be awake of in addition to appreciate the requirement of the consumer and invent their widgets plus products consequently, plus definitely the prices that they put forward are very near to the ground and suit into our economic record and pocket. Delivery as indicated by your requirement as well as resources is doable recently as well as you has numerous varieties to select. You can find the total or its accessories in various ranges. The universal electronics bazaar in the current era are lined through the China electronics because of their fineness and contemptible prices.

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Mobile Shredding Services

June 25th, 2011 by

Document shredding companies use to keep their customers and sensitive personal information written into the wrong hands. Document shredding is used for the destruction of all confidential material. You can use the Off-site professional document shredding company, mobile professional shredding company, or in the house shredding machines.

Shredding paper is the preferred method of destroying documents, as a reliable way to protect you from identity theft. This form of protection instruments are widely used and is preferred by companies. If you have only a small number of documents often shred documents such as family, then all you may need a small, personal Schroeder. However, large companies, shred a large number of documents can often use the services of a document shredding company.

Mobile document shredding companies trade only on that mobile. Truck containing grinding equipment will come to your business and shred all your documents, perhaps in the parking lot. Or you can cram all of your documents and send them to the Off-sit a professional shredding company that shreds all your documents on their own funds.

Shredders documents all have different settings and will open the documents up on the various dimensions. You want to investigate every shredder to your documents crushed to small size. If the strip is too large, then people can get access to some of your personal information, or at least partially restore a part of your document. You should ask for a sample of grinding from any company you are interested in using.

Extremely sensitive documents should be shredded in a very controlled environment. Monitoring on-site or in the home paper for shredding of sensitive materials, usually preferred for most companies, but many companies are using mobile or off-site for crushing all of their material regardless of its value. You also need to determine the cost of various options for shredding services.

Using the shredding company can save time and money. You do not have to hire an additional person in the smallest papers, the waste your business and personal papers in grinding time, you will not have any maintenance costs and machine costs, no noise and paper dust, and all of your paper will be recycled. You also do not need to spend time removing any folders, paper clips, rubber bands or staples as workers on crushing company to take care of the code.

Shredding documents now required under the law the fact that the state, companies must give important personal and business documents in a safe way to eliminate any chance of identity theft. Paper shredders are deemed appropriate avenue available to the document.

Document shredders are available with various functions, and you need to determine what features you need as this will be reflected in the price. You need to determine how much grinding you need to do, like machines do need to rest and can not work continuously. You can also get different amounts of Shred. You can also buy shredders Strip Cut, used by most companies, or cross Cut shredders that reduce the length across and wise for the production of paper confetti. As with any machine paper shredder needs lubrication and lubrication. There are a lot of models available to choose from.

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All mobile shredding businesses have occasion to discard confidential data. Customer lists, price lists, sales statistics, drafts of bids and correspondence, and even memos contain information about business activity document shredding which would interest any competitor.

Redefining hotel entertainment

June 24th, 2011 by

With the introduction of iPad, Android mobile phones, iPhones, and the like, most hotel guests are no longer interested in the pay per view entertainment offered by hotels. According to a study done by Smith Travel Research, there was a decline of 26 percent in purchase of movies offered in hotel rooms. Aside from being expensive, guests no longer see the value of these services because they can easily watch movies and their favorite TV shows on their iPad from a websites for a lot cheaper.

Some hotels have already removed their adult content since guests who are willing to pay for them are getting fewer and fewer. One hotel chain that did this is Marriott.

How to turn this around

So what will hotel guests find value in? These gadgets need plain and simple Wi-Fi. Most hotels charge an arm and a leg for internet. If it were reasonable, most guests would avail of this but hotels seem to not want anyone using them by charging exorbitant prices. This is why most guests prefer it when it is included to their room rate.

Creative entertainment

New York’s The Plaza Hotel has introduced the use of iPad for their guests to do a myriad of things. Controls that used to be in a wall panel are now controllable through the iPad. Moreover, guests can order room service or make restaurant reservations through the hotel-given iPad. Guests can also access pre-programmed guides to the city which is a plus for travelling tourists. And more importantly, guests can do their internet surfing for free on this iPad.
In Royalton, rooms come up the iPad too that has a virtual concierge application that guests can use to search for the best Japanese restaurant in town, Broadway shows, best clubs and anything else that they can possibly need.

But this creative use of the iPad is pretty much limited to The Plaza, Royalton and a few others. Almost all hotels still offer the same bland TV and overpriced movie programs. It is quite surprising actually that in surveys, TV is not on the list of customer requirements for booking a room. This just means that guests do not see the entertainment value that hotels are offering now through this medium. It is time to move on and make the most of new technologies to introduce new value-added services to the 21st century hotel guests.

Learn about the current trends in the industry. Another innovation now being utilized by many hotel owners and managers is the hotel management software .

Learn what industry experts have to say with your current hotel dilemma, and what they think are your strengths and competitive advantages. Get to know them at Frontdesk Anywhere .

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Should You Really Friend Your Boss On A Social Network Site?

June 23rd, 2011 by

Social networking has added a whole new aspect to business and to life in general. When social networking is used for making business connections but choosing to mix business with pleasure so to speak is potential hazard so when and where should you connect with your work friends and bosses and when shouldn’t you.

Well this is a tricky and sometimes sticky situation. If you are using your Facebook account to share personal information and pictures with friends then you should probably not friend your boss or accept their friend request. When you are just playing around or making a harmless joke with friends you may find that the boss doesn’t take to kindly to your sense of humor and what if you put up a picture of you and your friends hanging out after work and what if you don’t want your boss to see it? How can you hide these things if you are friends on Facebook?

Twitter can be even more risky because you may wish to write things that relate to work or those that you work with and again having them reading every single thing you write and every little thought you have. Tweets are many times about those things in your life and they may not want to be things that you wish to share with everyone at work.

So what should you do if your boss or co-workers try to friend you on Facebook or Twitter? Suggest Linked In instead or start a work Facebook page where you share only certain information with your work contacts. Just explain that you use that page for personal communication with close friends and family members only.

As a rule business and pleasure just don’t mix so if you want to enjoy your social networking time with your friends then best to understand that the people that you work with or for don’t belong on your personal friends list. And if you want to maintain your privacy then you are best to go online on Facebook and make sure that you have tweaked your privacy settings so only those who are friends of yours can look at the photos of you and the posts that you make. You can never be too careful when it comes to the information that you release to co-workers. Some things are meant to remain private and even in a social networking setting, you really need to be careful who has access to all of your information.

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Value, Efficiency, and the Billable Hour

June 23rd, 2011 by

Value, Efficiency, and the Billable Hour

In the 1987 film The Secret of My success, Brantley Foster, a recent university graduate, finds himself laid off from his Wall Street job before his first day of work. Having just moved from Kansas to New York City, he persuades his uncle to get him a job. There, lessons regarding time, value, and money begin for attentive viewers of the film.

Work 2 hours; get paid for 7.
Early in his work for the mail room of his uncle’s company, Brantley learns how to perform his job in a fraction of the time expected. He then keeps the mail room happy each day while using an alter ego to pursue activities better reflecting his ambitions – all in the guise of working full-time hours at his mail-room job.

Maintaining the illusion that it takes a full work day for Brantley to perform his job is important for the business insights that the film offers regarding time, value, and money.

* Brantley’s employer values the work performed at the level of a full-time wage, unaware of the time actually needed to do the job.
* The film shows how efficiencies found and practised can free up human resources for other activities.
* Despite his university studies in finance and his eagerness to prove his merit, Brantley has no incentive to point out that there is a more efficient way to perform his job. He uses the freed-up time for his own benefit; not his employer’s.

These points apply to the fundamentally flawed but widespread situation in which tasks involving expertise are performed for clients who are billed by the hour. This article points to a better way for companies that charge by the hour.

Focus on time spent creates misalignment.
* It is customary for clients to pay for the time taken to perform tasks while what they really want is not time at all. Rather, they want the benefits of those tasks performed expertly.1
* Those logging billable hours for their work have a disincentive to use time-saving efficiencies that could save money for their clients.
* Managers in the billable-hour paradigm necessarily view efficiency in terms of how much time it takes to perform tasks; not necessarily in terms of optimizing value.

A shift in focus from time spent to value provided realigns the worker, the manager, and the client in seeking optimal value through efficiency.

Productivity is about delivering results, not spending time.
In 1899, FW Taylor asked, “How many tons of pig iron bars can a worker load onto a rail car in the course of a working day?” With this question, a clipboard, a stopwatch, and statistical analysis, Taylor brought management theory to life and introduced the paradigm of simplistic, quantified measurement to manage and compensate workers.2

Though Taylorism has since come to be regarded as oversimplistic, the paradigm of the billable hour, and its associated incentives and disincentives, continues to dominate many fields in which tasks involving expertise are performed for clients who really just want value.

Better = more valuable.
In any field, a reliably better overall client experience equates with higher value and justifies higher price. This includes a paradox with the billable hour when quick service increases value and justifies a higher price but reduces time spent.

fundamental sources of value
Value is seldom directly related to time spent performing tasks. This list indicates the nature of value through 12 examples:
* reduced stress
* reduced cost
* reduced risk
* convenience
* pleasure
* increased profit
* importance or prestige
* entertainment or enjoyment
* respect or validation
* security
* comfort
* sense of advantage.

How much?
In many industries, goods and services sell for fixed prices. This is convenient because people naturally want to know how much something will cost before purchasing it. A fixed price also creates the incentive to satisfy clients as efficiently as possible. Fixed prices are not standard in some industries, though.

Many people are usually reluctant to ride in a taxi because of the uncertainty about the fare to reach their destination. Only in the absence of convenient alternatives do they take a taxi. Even then, it is common to regard the driver’s route with suspicion. An inefficient route would cost more and the driver probably wants to charge as high a fare as possible.

The same psychological factors that underlie reluctance to take a taxi and suspicion of the driver’s route also underlie, for example, reluctance to call a plumber or suspicion about the time a graphic designer logs in designing a menu. In both fields, by-the-hour billing is the norm. These concerns reduce demand for the goods and services of companies that do not charge fixed fees.

Purpose does not differ.
Businesses succeed by providing high value economically. This remains true of any enterprise that does not normally charge fixed fees:
* blue-collar trades such as carpenters, electricians, mechanics, and welders.
* white-collar professions such as accountants, attorneys, architects, and consultants.
* others who provide goods or services by using intellectual capital and tools such as dentists, designers, counsellors, and writers.

The paradigm of the billable hour is prevalent in these fields, even though their clients just want value.

Focus on value creates alignment.
The billable hour puts the interests of the worker, the employer, and the client out of sync. When that paradigm is abandoned in favour of optimizing value to the client economically, the interests of all three can align under fixed fees, possibly backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

A secret to success for companies switching to the value-focused paradigm would include this four-step sales/negotiation process:

1. Fully explore the problem that your client wants you to solve. For example, at a spa, have a conversation about why your client wants a facial. From that you can learn more specifically how to satisfy that individual.

2. Let the problem discovery discussion cover the rationale of the decision maker to engage your services. For example, maybe the decision maker wants a custom newsletter issued seasonally, like a tailor-made suit every quarter rather than an off-the-rack outfit that anybody could wear. The rationale might be the decision maker’s belief that an authentic connection with clients better reflects the company’s relationship with them, in contrast to most newsletters which do not generate a meaningful sense of connection with the issuer. Understanding the rationale helps to satisfy the need more precisely.

3. Summarize the basic problem and the rationale to gauge the importance of the work and arrive at a suitable budget.3 Then, work back from the budget to identify how to optimize value economically. For example, maybe the problem is an embarrassingly decrepit bathroom and the rationale to engage your services is that you specialize in bathroom remodelling. If you demonstrate comforting understanding of the problem and show professionalism about how to satisfy the client, then they might allot a $15k budget. Comprehend their needs well enough to reverse-engineer a good solution to their problem that ensures your profitability at that budget.

4. The first three steps reduce the risk for both parties. Many who go through the first three steps also have enough trust to pay more for a satisfaction guarantee. A satisfaction guarantee deepens the commitment and, if it adds a premium to the budget, likely increases the profitability of your performing the work.

Welcome to the value-focused paradigm.
Unlike Brantley Foster, people who work in the value-focused paradigm and find time-saving efficiencies point them out and share the benefits from doing so. When the scope of a project already underway must increase, a good purchase agreement allows the budget to increase in tandem.

Companies not already charging fixed fees but stuck in the billable-hour paradigm can make buying from them easier by fixing fees up front and guaranteeing client satisfaction. When buying from them is thus easier, they often find that the cost of making a sale goes down. The often-hidden costs of their personnel and operations not being aligned with the basic purpose of providing optimal value economically also decrease.

Fixed fees with a satisfaction guarantee can catalyze a value-focused shift to greater efficiency throughout an organization. This may lead to happier clients, more productive staff, boosted competitiveness, and increased profits. Let this be the secret of your success.

- Glenn R Harrington, Articulate Consultants Inc.

1: Ronald Baker: Trashing the Timesheet, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, 2003
2: Matthew Stewart: The Management Myth, The Atlantic, June 2006
3: David Sandler: You Can’t Teach A Kid to Ride a Bike at A Seminar p 164, Bay Head 2003

About the Author

Glenn R Harrington is the Principal Consultant of Articulate Consultants Inc. Since 1996 he has specialized in consulting on authentic key messages as the basis for effective marketing, brand management, and client loyalty. His work frequently crosses over into management consulting where the matter of billing practices often arises as an Articulate value-add.